Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes that is what my youngest says over and over and over again. Some new words would be nice ;)
Oh, but I will be careful what I wish for.
I was cooking supper yesterday and he reaches up like he wants a drink so I hand him his cup. He looks at it and hands it back to me with a look on his face. I call him silly then realize what is going on. I was making Broccoli Soup. It was at the point that I had it in the blender to puree it. But to #5, well he is most familiar with me making fruit smoothies in the blender so that was why he was reaching up for the cup-thought he was getting a smoothie! Love that kid and he made me laugh! He did eat his soup and didn't seem the least bit disgruntled that it wasn't a smoothie :D

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