Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving morning we spent cooking and rocking the house. Our youngest rocker got a little it's a little hard to drum and having baby hanging on leg, sitting in lap etc. So the dad tried an old trick. At first it didn't look like it would work because little bit decided he wanted to try to play too.

But within minutes the little guy fell right asleep!

And I was even able to transfer him right to bed without him waking:)

We spent the morning dancing today. The first song felt like a total flop; yikes guess the Lord felt we(I) needed to be a little humbled.
#4 decided to come out after the song was over and walk in with us. OK not a big deal. I didn't dance the second song but #2 did. Beautiful! The last song I was out there again. Gave baby and #4 a snack thinking they'd be fine while I danced. Hmm, not too far into the song #4 comes out and is hugging my legs saying "mom I need a kiss". Luckily I wasn't too distracted by this as it is often I how practice-with someone around my legs or on my back(Mom's are persistent!) Not sure how long he was out there but did he wander off after a bit. Someone in the audience told me after that they loved that my child was pulling on my skirt in the middle of things.....just keeping it real I guess.:) Though I'm thinking I will make sure I have a mother's helper with me next time we dance there:D

Guess it's back to the regular schedule this week. Though I'm wondering if that's like saying you are normal? What is normal? What is regular? It is an appointment filled week! Should keep things busy and crazy which I suppose is the norm around here. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Janelle said...

I love your adventures in learning! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm glad you guys did too! Miss and Love you all! Janelle