Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School days 2010-2011

August 9 was our first day of school for the year. What a start it was! Can't have an ordinary quiet day around here. Nope, we'll start our first day off with a visit to the dentist-that counts as a field trip right?
Well, it was a scheduled visit and I was rather happy that we made it to our appointment on time. Have had trouble leaving the house on time lately. Here's a preview of how the day started. I consider myself a pretty low maintenance kinda gal and the kids give me plenty of reason to stay that way! I had warmed my curling iron up and when I went in to fix the hair I was followed by the younger three boys. Older two of that crew found an extra curling iron and hair dryer and decided they made good weapons and were shooting each other. The youngest we were all doing our best to keep out of the toilet and not tear all the toilet paper up-fun times! :) All the while I'm wondering if my iron is broken because it isn't getting hot; in fact it's getting cooler. Strange, but it is old so maybe it's time is up? Then I receive a flash of insight. We have a fuse box in the bathroom and #3 had open it and ran his hand across the switches when we first got in. Now since the light hadn't gone out I didn't think he actually flipped anything but the lights and outlet aren't on the same switch. Yes- that is exactly what he has done. Of course by the time I figure this out my time in the bathroom is over so hair is done, though not exactly curled.
On to the dentist we go. Overall a great visit. Myself and 4 kids all got our teeth cleaned and no one turned into a wild animal.
Now for some reason they took like 20 pictures(x-rays) of my teeth. I heard blah blah xrays ok? Apparently the blah blah was telling me they were going to take more then usual, why I don't know and didn't ask because my mind is one getting in and out. Though when the dentist talked to my later she was telling me how good & healthy my teeth were so maybe it was because they were sure there had to be a problem somewhere, LOL. Hope most of the kids teeth have the healthy teeth gene, straight teeth aren't in our vocabulary :D
Anyway after the pictures it is time for teeth cleaning, which went well if you don't mind water all over your face. The hygienist completely sprayed my face, guess he was trying to wake me up :P (It was cool and refreshing!) He was apologetic about it and dried me off, I was actually laughing on the inside thinking this only happens to me and I'm so happy I'm not dripping make up right now :D
After the dentist we decided to go home(had planned to take the kids out to a park after the dentist to get rid of some energy but they were excited for school). All I can say after the first day is this is a challenge;)

First Day of School. 5th Grade, 3rd Grade and Kindergarten. 4 and 1 Years old

After this they all took turns being goofy.

We have already had meltdowns. Of course one of those meltdowns, then begged to do more school. Make up your mind! He didn't want to put the tail on a lowercase a, but is so eager to be in school. So we will have to balance the fine motor skills with lots of other stuff he loves. Now the older one was melting down before school even started-talk about a challenge! But lots of fun between all of the challenges. Yesterday I dressed up as a Roman tutor, which the kids thought was a riot. (We are studying Rome to Reformation this year)

Today #3 & 4 made some clay pots. (We had been talking about how scrolls were kept in them)
Sometimes flour happens...and this was after they deemed it cleaned up.

Phase one of the pots. They made lids for them and #4 made his into a pizza...inedible of course.

#2 pretending to work hard.

#1, yep he certainly looks serious at work.

#4 has really been into painting lately. He abandoned this work of art to join us in the clay making.

#5 took a great morning nap today. Very helpful for our school day!

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Julie said...

Looks like a great start! We won't have our first day until after the move and settling in... aiming for August 30th as our first day of school. We're all getting excited. ;)