Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The July brothers

Some of #1's birthday activities included some game playing.

Dropping parachute men from the deck.

and of course some birthday cake! Following the June birthday brothers he asked for ice cream cake too. This time we made it ourselves-very yummy!

*Now prepare yourself for some red eye*

We went to check out some dinosaurs today. They still made #4 a little nervous but he didn't bury his head in my arms this time!

The July birthday boys with their momma.

#5 checking out his new ride.

Now onto some baby cake pictures.

Not sure what happened to his candle here.

Wasn't all that interested in the cupcake. Played with the frosting and started decorating his tray. Then would pick pieces of cake off and hand them to his sister.

Just look at this face!

This is his brother's cake. #5 really liked the ice cream cake; maybe we should have made him one too! :)

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your July boys!