Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

Some of the ships in the harbor for RIM/PAC. This is about the area we viewed the fireworks. Little bit fell asleep right before the fireworks started and managed to sleep right through them!

A few shots from the car show.

Cars from the 'rust bucket' club. So fun to see!

*cough* Here is my choice of car.

A familiar car to us. So interesting to see and hear the comments others have about your ride. Fun to watch (unless of course they were *gasp* touching the car!)

He entertained us. He'd stand up and pretend to try to walk but just fall down(laughing all the while). It was all fun and games until he fell to close to the wall. Yep, he wasn't too happy about that one.

Doing the bear crawl.

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Janet said...

Love the bear crawl. Baby Girl did that too. Amazing that Little Bit was able to sleep through fireworks.