Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures, because I'm behind

See this photo, it frustrates me. Why? Not the subject matter but the way it is side ways. Why is it sideways? Anyone? In my photo album in looks normal so why does it come out funny?
If you can tilt your head that is #2 with her hula group today. I'll try to post the video in a bit.

The 14th was a nice day with scattering rain droplets abound. We decided to spend some time outdoors, James and I had been able to spend the morning together while the kids enjoyed decorating cookies with their favorite sitter. So I was a little tired in the afternoon but wanted to get the family out of doors. Hmm, where to go where I can relax and yet let the kids to run around? Oh yes, the beach! So besides coming home covered in sand(them from rolling around in it and us from being pelted by it when the wind gusts got us) we had a very enjoyable afternoon:)


Janet said...

So lovely.

Naomi Rebecca said...

Ahh, it looks so warm!! :) It's warming up here, but no comparison to your neck of the woods! Do you enjoy living there?

Jennifer said...

Thank you Janet!

Hi Naomi,

Looks can be deceiving;) I have been debating on whether or not to get some more warmer clothes. What is stopping me is I know has soon as I do it will get hot again! (and it does get HOT here) It has been very breezy lately bringing in cool winds. Although it does depend where you live on the island, we live up a hill/mountain a bit so the wind really cools us off. Of course part of that is 5 years of being here and getting use to the climate!
We do like it out here although a big down side is how expensive it is for us to travel anywhere. But we are enjoying where we are planted and I have finally decided to fully enjoy it. I was so use to moving I never really settled in to living here, always anticipating the next move. I finally got the message from God to live in the now and not in the 'what might be'. Sometimes I can be stubborn and not get such an easy message.

So there's a long response to you:)