Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking milestone

of sorts. #4, the 3 year old, walked at least 3/4 of the trail in Aiea Heights That's pretty good considering we haven't been hiking in quite awhile and I'm not sure how much he has really walked like that. He cracks me up-he's a talker. James is always commenting on how much #2 talks....she'll use 20 words when she could've used 5. But #4, well he's quite the story teller. Told us all about the dinosaurs and elephants along the one point said we were on a cockroach hunt. He does this at home too.
Mom: Did you pick up your floor?
#4: Yes, but the elephant jumped on my bed and now my blankets are on the ground again.
Very vivid imagination he has.

This was during a quick snack break during the hike. I finally remembered to change the setting on the camera which greatly helped with the brightness factor. Of course this was after I had snapped a picture or two and they were done with pictures-lol!

BTW I cut the boys hair Monday and I keep thinking #4 is #3 now. The hair cut makes them look so much more alike! Add in the fact that #4 wears many of the clothes #3 used to wear and is it any wonder I call them the wrong names?!

One of #5 from this week. He rolls all ways now and talks loudly;) He was snuggled against daddy in the ergo carrier on the hike. Totally content snoozing away.

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