Friday, October 9, 2009

Swim time

It's been a busy week, but what week isn't!? I think the humidity and no wind has made it seem longer. Having sick kids too. Today was the first day of swim lessons, we enrolled the older 3 in but #2 didn't swim today as she's been sick since Wednesday night and decided she didn't feel up to it. Of course once we arrived she was upset she didn't bring her suit because she felt better! She watched intently and I'm sure will practice at our pool this week. #1 took to it like a duck in water. (Our kids know the basics of swimming but have never had formal lessons so I put them in the beginner class until the instructor says otherwise) #3 cried once we arrived and he realized he didn't have his floaties. I have been unsuccessful with getting him in the water without the floats. Then he decides to get in the water only to find out the hard way that the shallow water is deeper than our pool at home. Poor kid! But he had a great instructor who put him on her back and went about her business teaching the other kids and slow and steady got #3 swimming around too! Wish I had some pictures but I was too busy making sure #4 didn't fall in. He would lay close to the edge and watch what the other kids were doing. I did find out I can enroll him in too, so next month all 4 will be in the class. They had two teachers today, one worked with the 2 younger ones and the other had 4 older ones.

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