Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ever had one of those days?

Today was the kick-off for our ladies bible study. I had baby in the stroller and all was well until I looked down and realized(might lose some of you here) there was yellow ooze sitting with him. So off to the bathroom we go to change him, he and the stroller were a mess! Then I realized that I hadn't repacked an extra outfit, what to do we had just arrived....I didn't want to leave and knew the other kids would be upset to leave so soon too. Ah ha, I can just wear him in the sling and he will be fine! Just another reason to love slings! He ended up nursing and sleeping in the sling the rest of the time we were out(which he probably would have done anyway whether clothing would have been an issue or not).
While I was having tea and picking a study for the semester the children were being entertained by a clown and here is the end result of their time this morning.
We have tank boy.

Puppy boy-arf

butterfly girl

our friendly pirate

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