Saturday, August 22, 2009

cycle mania

While cooking dinner the other day I looked out the window and saw my two younger boys(well the ones that can get into mischief, 3 & 4). I couldn't decide whether to laugh or yell, and was sorta wishing the camera was closer. I went with yelling and then walked away and laughed. You see they were sitting on our neighbors motorcycle, #3 was driving and #4 was taking the back seat. They were really into the adventure of pretend too, leaning into those imaginary curves! Our neighbor's parking spot is right in front of our unit and #4 always talks about it being his motorcycle and has a hard time not touching it as he walks by.
So the cycle remains unhurt once again and the kids are still dreaming of 'their cycle'.

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Dina said...

Ha!! that is funny! how sweet I like your daughter's wish list.