Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keiki hula

We've been rather busy the last few Sundays with hula. Here is a picture of the group of girls from last Sunday, also included is their favorite instructor:)

This was sound check as I wasn't able to record during performance. I asked #2 why she kept watching her friend (she does fine practicing at home)and she says 'Because Miss A says we need to watch the point' Ah, this is true but must explain how to face forward and keep track of point out of the corner of your eye.'

I must comment on the church they danced at today. Everyone who greeted me not only hugged me(normal) but kissed me. We have been there before for the girls to dance and I don't remember that! Was wondering if I sat in the kissing section or was it because I'm expecting? Maybe the Lord thought I needed some extra love to get through the day;)

Just to let you know why I may need help to get through the day......
The kids have been a little destructive since daddy has been gone. Well it hasn't been all kids but lets just say many things have broken and alot of them can be directly linked to a child. Very aggravating.

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