Monday, March 9, 2009

My Mother has been asking for some belly photos so I post this to try to appease her a bit as one still has not been taken. Although I must admit this one is not good of either of us, ack frumpy comes to mind. Also must say in my defense it depends on what I wear as to how big I this tent shirt how could I look anything but big? I am 19 weeks along right now. Baby is moving all over the place these days.

Uncle Richard is home....hip hip hooray!! He has been deployed nearly forever. This was last week with him trying *wink* to read a book to the little guys.

#2 Danced at another church yesterday. Same song as posted below but different wear and a different mix of the kids. This has been the first church outside of base that has asked for them to dance. Praise the Lord that the girls were able to share their love of the Lord in this way.


Janet said...

You look great. And, wow, 19 weeks already. How wonderful for #2 to get to share her gift and her love of Christ with others in such a beautiful way.

Christie Silvers said...

Awww, you look great! :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank yo ladies for your kind comments:)