Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Down the drain

Don't you hate it when you throw money down the drain? I was feeling pretty productive today. I browned 4 pounds of ground meat with onions and garlic and packaged it for the freezer. A huge help for me as I don't always like the smell of cooking meat so that part is out of the way. Also got 3 dinners worth of meatballs made and packaged for the freezer. I was very tired after wards with my two little helpers and supervising the older two in their studies; yet very satisfied that this was done. Supper tonight was to be fairly easy: Fish, rice, fresh broccoli and grapes. Let me tell you that fish smelled sooo good coming out of the oven yet somehow my fish jumped ship and landed in the sink. It couldn't be a clean sink, no it jumped right into a big bowl that I had soaking from making the meatballs. No way, I want my fish!! After pouting and trying to figure out if there could be anyway I could save sudsy fish covered in raw meat grime. Wondering what to do for dinner now, finally decided to ditch the fish and opened some canned tuna. Mixed the tuna with some dijon mustard and herbs and served it over our rice. So we still had fish-just not what I was expecting-and expensive tuna at that if you count the cost of the fillets plus the cans. But at least I didn't use it as an excuse to eat out;)

ps be sure to check two post below if you want to see keiki hula

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Janet said...

Argh! How disappointing. Good for you for not eating out. I'm not sure I would have been so strong.