Thursday, January 8, 2009

Consumer safety

So have you heard about this new law that starts this February? If not you may want to look into and speak your piece with your representives if you feel necessary. I think it was started with good intentions but maybe not the best way of going about things. It was passed August 14, 2008 go to to take a gander at it if you will. The language is very loose so there has been a lot of confusion over exactly what it means. A recent amendment sounds like it will ease some fears as far as reselling goes. It seems to cost a lot to do the testing and could mean the end to many small business. At the very least we can count on prices going up on products since companies will now have to factor in all the testing that will now be required. What a great time in our economy to higher the prices!
Being a home schooler I have to wonder how this is going to affect where I usually purchase school products as many I currently use are small business. Yes I want my children safe but at what cost I wonder.

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