Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today I've learned

-That when you wait the Saturday before an election to get something notarized you will have a long wait.
-It took 31 books weighing 21 1/2 lbs to crush an egg(I'll post a picture later). The children also learned that if you use equal pressure you can not crack an egg by squeezing it.
-If you put the mixing bowl slightly crooked in the mixer then it will take 2 people to pull it out.
-A double batch of oatmeal cookies in the mixer above is too much batter to easily stir.

edited to add:

Here they are at the beginning of the experiment. I didn't get a picture of the really tall stack of books as I was starting breakfast. Bet you can't guess what breakfast was!

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Naomi Rebecca said...

Your science class sounds like a lot of fun. We never got to squash any eggs! ;)