Monday, June 23, 2008

Special Day

#1 was baptised Sunday. He was so excited yesterday, the first thing he said to me was you know what today is?? In his excited little voice. There were actually four people who got baptised yesterday and one of the ladies was telling me when they were standing in the back waiting their turn he was just beaming.
Today I heard him talking to #2 about how he started his new life.....just so cute and exciting to her him talking about.

Here are my takes from yesterday. There were a few people taking pictures so I'm hoping to get a shot of his face. #1 was last, there were 3 ladies/girls before him.

Pastor talking about #1

As you will see the children were excited to see up close what was going on.
pastor explain to #1 what he should do when dunked.

Ta Da:) I am so excited for #1 to take this big step and look forward to him growing more and more in the Lord.

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