Saturday, November 15, 2008

We started our day with some fruit soup as we ended our week in Norway.

The children really liked it. I found it too sweet for my taste though.

It was another rainy day. What to do, we haven't gone out a lot this week and were feeling a little stir crazy. I decided we should go play in the puddles. So off we go on a walk by the shore with a sidewalk full of puddles. The fun they had splish splashing along! Then we found lots of little creatures along the shore.

Some crabs crawling along the wall. It is kinda like the I spy books, can you find them?

Everyone trying to see the crabs, talk about making mom nervous! But I'm happy to say no one fell in.

Some pretty fish.


Naomi Rebecca said...

Um... the week in Norway is a homeschooling week in Norway or a physical holiday? LOL Had to ask...

Jennifer said...

LOL, yes it's a home schooling thing.
We are going around the world this year. We are in Europe for a while, currently in France although this week we are sorta 'taking off' for Thanksgiving related stuff. So we'll be back to France next week. We made up little passports for the kids and when we go to new countries I stamp them. When we first started I think they thought we were really going to get on a plane and go!!