Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tuesday nights #2 and I are gone as we have class(we are both participating in praise hula classes) So I usually prepare dinner and have it ready for the boys. They usually do a fairly decent job of cleaning up. Tonight when we came home my daughter came upstairs and I went downstairs as soon as we came in. She said something to me about looking at the bubbles, since I had told her to go say goodnight to daddy I assumed she was talking about something he was watching/ doing. Well as it turns out she had found a lot of bubbles around the dishwasher. See I had used the last of the dishwasher liquid yesterday and I had intended to say something about picking up some more tonight(which didn't happen because I left my list at home!) So he had used the hand dish washing soap,which created many, many bubbles. To be fair both are the same brand and as he pointed out what he used did say dishwashing liquid;)
So we had some fun bubbles going on tonight!


James said...

Hey, at least I tried to do the dishes... score one for the men?

Jennifer said...

I did not say anything was wrong with trying.....I was rather amused to walk in a 'house of bubbles' though;)