Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We went to Ho'omaluhi Botanical Garden today. I have been wanting to take the little ones for the preschool nature program, thinking it'd be fun and we could wander around and play outside afterwards. We arrived a little late but did enjoy the story and looking at some seeds(which was the theme today) There was another homeschooling family with older kids so that was a bit exciting too. They also had 4, 3 boys and one girl-same birth order-how fun!
Before we could get to the lake we had to walk around some tree cutters. I think the little boys could have stayed here all day, they were cutting some tall trees.


Naomi Rebecca said...

Love the pics -- so colorful and exotic. Ireland can be a bit overwhelmingly green most of the time. LOL

Jennifer said...


Green sounds so nice! We live on the drier side of the island so it is often yellow dry grass over here. I love it when we get rain and it perks things up a bit!
But the good thing about the size of this island is we can go around to somewhere with different landscape fairly easily.