Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Next week we are going to be talking about marriage

in bible study and I just love the way the Lord works. As I'm cruising around the web today I come across two posts which correlate well with our study. First my friend Naomi has a post about women's role. Then I find this article titled the Seven Secrets for Wives on Above Rubies website.

We took some food to our friends that had the baby last week and got to hold the little guy. He was so tiny, we couldn't get over it!! You must realize our smallest baby was 9 pounds. Little Lewis weighed in about 6 lb 3 oz, it was like holding a feather! He was very sweet(those newborn expressions are so precious!) and the family seems to be settling in very well with the new addition.

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Janet said...

I do so love God's timing. My new "week" in Bible study begins tomorrow and we'll be focusing on marriage as well. Thanks for sharing the links on your blog.