Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It has been a nice weekend for us. Spent some time working on the home to-do list and also some fun times together. Got one quote for the downstairs carpet(it's being replaced) and another quote in progress. James steamed cleaned the upstairs carpets so just need to get after the stairs and we'll soon be able to mark that off the to-do list.
We also got some doors painted. #4 was very intent on helping in this area, I had set the paint can and brush out and then come in the house. Next thing I know he is 'painting' the screen door. It was one of the cutest things! He was carrying an empty paint can around and dipped his brush in then took a couple swipes at the door and then would dip the brush again. Then he'd paint with the brush in one hand and the other hand on his hip-I ran for the camera but when I left he finished up and put the painting gear away.
Another busy week in our home, short school week for us and the start of our bible study group. Much to look forward to! Should be sending the laptop off to get worked on this week so probably be awhile before I post any new pictures of our crew.

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