Friday, August 8, 2008


James came home today with a nice little(heavy)award. He is Sailor of the Quarter. Woo Hoo and Congratulations honey!

House news:
you may be getting these updates for the near future. We have found out that we won't be living here much longer so all of those half started projects have to get finished pronto!
I talked to 5 plumbers, had 3 come out and hired one. He starts on Monday, with what should be a 2 day project of installing our new tub. This little project was started months ago with James tearing out the old tub and surround and the end is finally in sight! Although much more $$$ than we had planned. I decided that we need to make sure that the boys especially are 'learned' in all kinds of house hold repair as they grow up so they can do it their selves and not shell out their hard earned money. Of course time is a factor too for us to hire someone but hey the more the children (and us) learn they better off they'll be.

Just an FYI. Make sure to hide the sugar. I didn't put it away today and the little guy decided to pull it off the counter and decorate the floor. I'm sure that made the ants happy, me not so much. Btw, the ants are back in cycle *sigh*

As far as our move goes we might be leaving as early as December(Mom and Dad as soon as this is fact I will call as it may change your plans?) Exciting and nerve racking........
Prayers for the whole moving process are welcome. Especially for the sale of our home.


the O'Donovans said...

Weird. I had a dream you all moved back to the mainland just the other night... :D

Any idea where you'll move?

Shari said...

Congrats to your hubby!! That's great.

Good luck on the upcoming move...any idea where you might be headed??