Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shave Ice and Ponies

I think these were the favorites of the night. #3 rode the ponies 3 times. #2 rode them 4 times. #4 would nod his head wildly with a huge grin if asked if he rode the ponies. #1 got too busy playing in the bounce house to stand in line for the ponies.
I think #4 had 2 shaved ice-I saw #2 with 2 different ones also. I was helping serve food so everyone was in care of dad, running from place to place. All had a great time but were ready to come home and crash into bed, I heard not one word of protest.

When we were eating lunch out on the deck today #3 told me that the trees were moving because they were thirsty. #2 tried to explain that no they were moving because the wind was blowing them. nope says #3 they are thirsty. I guess they were trying to wave to the rain clouds 'come here and give us a drink please'

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