Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Check out this Cross Nursing video. I think it was a pretty good segment, I haven't nursed any but my own but I can say the thought did cross my mind a time or two. I don't think it is such a strange idea,especially if you are comfortable with nursing, what better way to comfort and nourish a child.
And this article on Freebirthing. I read a lot of the comments and really just held my hands in the air saying you people are so uneducated. Yes, childbirth is a risk. It is a risk in the hospital as well as at home. No being in the hospital doesn't make everything ok. Being in the hospital can even put you more at risk. Even here in the good USA- the death rates of the mom and baby are among the highest in the industrialized world. IMO thanks to induction and C-sections and the fear of being sued.

ok, lets get back to the children, shall we?

Quickly(because I'm tired ok) pictures are from a beach picnic. It was too windy for Frisbee so we ended up playing different jumping games.

Our oldest turned 8 last Friday! We went bowling(his request and no pictures) daddy was able to join us(was suppose to work late so very exciting!) But should have done it a different day, kids had fun but parents-not so much. Too much no napping crazy whining for us.
Saturday the children and I went to the Zoo, took a friend and her son with us. This would be the tree pictures.
#1 got his cake on Saturday-not much to look at but yummy! Black Magic cake. The first icing I made and had to dump as it was too runny. Second batch was ok, but not enough. But the cake made up for the icing!!

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