Sunday, July 13, 2008

Most of these pictures have been stuck in my camera for the last week so I thought I'd let them out;)

#1 & 2 found these scooters by the dumpster a couple weeks ago. So exciting as this was to be gifts for them this year. I bought some elbow and knee pads yesterday as #1 has many many owies from falling. They are quite the stunt devils, #2 must have a bit more coordination because she is not as scratched up as #1 but believe me she's probably the more darish of the two.
We watched some boats leave as RIMPAC kicked off last Monday. I think we saw 2 destroyers and two subs. We watched some leave at the channel by the park and then watched some more leave by the beach, where we cooled off in the water for a bit.
When #3 saw the first sub leave he says "Bye Daddy". So I guess he really knows that daddy works on those but silly boy-doesn't he think we'd give him more notice when daddy leaves!

The last pictures are from the park up the street. We walked to it the other day-good sweat equity in the exercise!

Keeping busy this week. We have VBS at night and this weekend is an Anniversary Celebration at our church. We are also working with one car again as are 'new' car is not starting. This is James last week of school for the semester. We have another birthday on the horizon-the big number 8!

I'm not sure if I mentioned but we are tying to grow an edible garden again. We have 2 upside down tomato plants. Bought a strawberry jar and have about 6 plants in that. Lots of lettuce growing and trying to get some cucumbers and squash(or eggplant-think we mixed up on that one) to grow vertical.

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