Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some highlights of our day

The kids have been anxiously awaiting today, they've had grand plans on decorations and what to serve.(I must give #2 credit, although the others piped in she was the one who master minded of the whole thing.)
We got home from church and I got the hot water ready for our tea and rested while they finished some details. They put a clean tablecloth on the table with some nice napkins and then decided to make place cards and name tags. We had a nice center piece with some rose buds they had made. They then finished making the cucumber sandwiches and we sat down for tea. It was all rather lovely and I was really happy how they were able to carry out all the details they wanted too. We did let daddy drink his soda at our tea as you'll note in one picture-we still haven't managed to convert him into a tea drinker:D

Some of the flowers on the back deck. I enjoyed my morning tea with them and we made some homemade ice cream this afternoon out here.

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the O'Donovans said...

That's such a sweet idea, Jennifer. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to master mind something like that! :)