Thursday, April 3, 2008

We finally made it back to bible study today, yippee! Good to see all you PWOC ladies again. The kids were so glad to see their friends and teachers-between colds, the hospital stay and spring break it had been awhile!
#1 had a drs appointment today. This is the 5th doctor we have seen and we have finally been given a referral! Not only that but the doctor thinks it is what I have thought the last year or so(hmm, momma knows best?) Kinda makes me wish I had pushed this issue harder but when everyone(drs) tells you not to worry, your child will out grow it you kinda start to believe it and doubt yourself. His referral is to see a Ped Gastroenter and the doctor saw thinks he has Encopresis. Which if you follow the link we have been following most of the 'big 4" although not the best with routine. We aren't sure at this point when we'll be able to get in to see the Gastroenterologist to see what he recommends.
Otherwise things are going great with everyone. Beautiful days, fun learning. #3 is still loving his preschool workbook. I think I'm going to try to start phonics work with him. At this point that's the only part of his book he can't do and he seems a little frustrated because he wants to do it all.
#3 was thrilled when I came home with this little bargain. I found this apron for 1.99 and knew I had to get it as he loves to help in the kitchen and wanted an apron like #2 and I have.

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