Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The week started off with a bang! Got to church Sunday and ended up having 2 offers to babysit our children. That is a nice surprise! One of the disadvantages to having family so far away is that it is pretty unusual for someone to say, hey let me watch your kids so you two can have some time together. Have I mentioned how much I love our church family:)
Monday we got up waaaaaaaaaaay too early to take James to work. *yawn* his work schedule has changed so what was early is now crazy. But we did it, we had a dental appointment so needed the car. We got back, had breakfast, did some school and then hit the beach. Ah, the beach..sorry as we were driving there I realized I had forgotten my camera so no pictures to make you drool. But it was wonderful to soak up those sun rays and watch the waves splash and the children play. #4 is really into the water now so we were out floating around. It's good for the spirit!
We came home ate lunch and all except #1 napped. It felt good to nap after getting up so early, #1 hasn't realized that there are times when naps are acceptable and not a babyish thing to do. So as a result he was a little crabby the rest of the day.
We had our dental appointment Tuesday and all is well. Even #4 had his teeth cleaned! I was surprised on how fast they were able to get all 5 of us in and out.
But then Tuesday night comes. #2 says she isn't feeling well...she has a sore throat later that night she comes to our room saying #4 got sick. Poor #4 had a really rough night. Although now he's bouncing off the walls like nothing happened!

So here our some pictures from yesterday. We made sweet potato pie. We talked a little about Alabama and George Washington Carver-who created 118 products from sweet potatoes!
#3 Mashing the potatoes

#2 Is working on the pie crust

Final Product. This was our first Sweet Potato Pie. The kids enjoyed it. I think I might have cooked it a little too long as I expected it to be a little more moist.

Here is the little rascal from last Thursday.

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