Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paint, paint everywhere

paint, paint in my hair. Word of advice-don't wear pigtails when painting a room. Especially when you have long hair.....especially when you tend to splatter paint. It is not fun getting out of your hair. Another word of advice, this I should have learned last time I painted a room but some people are just slow learners. Remove paint and block entrance to freshly painted room when small children are present. If the above measures are not taken other things WILL have paint on them, this is assured.

I have realized I keep saying how smart #4 is. Now I notice the other kids saying it. Must stop wording it that way least they start to feel unsmart. His smarts probably has to do with having 3 older siblings to watch. Watch he does and he's pretty good at remembering what he watched. He was sitting on the counter helping me one day. Pulls a candle close to him, opens the cabinet the lighter was in, flips the lighter out and points it into the candle. Now really, isn't it too early to have a talk about not playing with fire?! There is no tricking this kid, he knows what is what!

I intended to post a picture today but alas the battery had died in the camera at the time I wanted to snap a shot. The older 2 were up in the tree in front of our building, barefoot and gathering seeds. I just thought it was a perfect childhood shot. Never mind that we are not in the country surrounded by acres of trees(I did have someone visit last week that said 'wow, you live in the boonies' this had me rolling on the floor with laugher) now where was I? ah, yes children will find the joy of nature anywhere. This particular tree you see is located next to a dumpster and parking lot.

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