Saturday, January 19, 2008

jello, art show and cooking class

We've got pictures galore today. We have had a fun week at school(or at least I have!) We spent one day playing with cotton learning about Eli Whitney, another learning about cells. Here is where the jello came into play. We made a jello cell. They thought it was a pretty neat way to make a cell and I made plenty of jello so we could snack on it afterwards. I must say that as a whole the kids weren't too into the jello. There was much given to others or went down the sink.
It seemed much neater in person.

#2 drawing a cell for her notebook.

We've got another experiment in the works, involving milk and probably wont' wanna see pictures of that one. #2 wrote labels on the jars warning everyone "this is a science experiment, Do Not Drink!" Although the only people I know that might drink something just sitting around can't read so I'm not sure how helpful the signs are..

With all the painting we've been trying to do around the house #3 has really been wanting to paint. I tried to explain how maybe next year in his new room he could help but he wasn't too happy with that. So I pulled out the paints today and let them have at it on paper. All said and done I think he painted the least but enjoyed it the most. He was very thrilled with all the colors he got to use on his painting.
Don't you see how each brush stroke was so precise.

Here we have #2's art work. We have a house with flowers and birds and then we have flowers and birds.

#1's with a sky, birds and flowers

and here is #1's picture of the 2 of us in the rain

#4 Really wanted to help roll out the dough for supper. He grabbed ahold of the rolling pin with determination and rolled and rolled.....well he was great at rolling on the board but didn't touch the dough at all with the roller!

I had my dd take the picture of #4 helping with the dough, she then got camera happy and snapped alot of shots. Here is how the pizza turned out. It was very yummy! mozzarella and parm cheeses, turkey pepperoni, red onions and pineapple!

Here is our second pizza. It had 3 cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella and parm. pineapple and turkey pepperoni.

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