Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When are we going?

I was looking up car rentals today to see if I could get a better rate in November. My oldest noticed what I was doing and said he wanted to go to California some day. I told him we would someday. Fast forward to later the afternoon. I7 was asking if he could get ready, I said sure get your soccer socks and shin guards on. He asked if we were going before or after soccer practice. I said we are only going to soccer tonight and he got very upset so I asked him to come to me and tell me where else he thought we were going. "But Mom you said we were going to CA" Trying not to laugh I explained how that would be in November and we looked on a map how far away it was from here, talked about Daddy needing to take time off from work and it'd be a good idea to save a little more money for the trip;) Sorry kid that 3 week trip is just little out of the realm of spur of the moment accessibility for our family!

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