Saturday, December 22, 2007


Sometimes it isn't such a good idea! I'm still laughing about it so thought I'd share. We have some pumpkins that we had got in October that are still good. So I cooked 2 of them today and set off to make some goodies. Made some pumpkin cookies and some bread then took the kids off to bathe. Get back upstairs and start washing the dishes so we can make some more cookies(Russian teacakes this time!) I grab the bowl that the pumpkin had been in only to find pumpkin still in it-Yes I made pumpkin bread without the pumpkin, interesting concept isn't it!! #3 and I went on to make the cookies and I made another loaf of bread with pumpkin after that. I guess we'll see which bread they like better in the morning LOL
I have 3 more pumpkins to cook and bake tomorrow, I'll make sure to stay alert;

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