Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beach day!

Nothing like breakfast on the beach, especially on Christmas day! The Lord has truly blessed us, letting us live out here the last couple years! Such a beautiful and relaxing place to be. Although on our way there the big kids were asking "Why doesn't it snow in Hawai'i?" and " Can the next place we live have snow?" I assured them that chances are the next place we move will have snow and that they'd have the 'fun' job of shoveling the sidewalks and driveways then.
It was a little cool for us today(hey, now don't laugh so loud!)
#2 was the first to jump in.

Then #1 joined.

and then #3 joined in the fun.

#4 and I stayed on the beach. He was happy to eat and play in the sand. I was happy to watch everyone and the lovely calming scenery.

He was cracking me up with this toe curl thing. He'd dip his feet in the sand and then lift his legs up and curl his toes and then dust the sand off.

The kids taking a break to warm up and eat a little more. I had made my grandma L's breakfast ring. Can't have Thanksgiving or Christmas without it, so yummy!

A little reminder of what today is all about, here's a picture from part of our Christmas Eve Service at church. (Recognize the wise man and shepherd?)

I was reading First John today, Which if you look at is about Love. It was just one of those times were it really hit me. Am I acting loving to others? And by others I mean everyone, not just family. Do my actions show this? What could I do differently? Read 1 John 3:18-19 This is what really made me take a closer look at things today, maybe it'll speak to you also.
There is also a quote in my Bible from M. Scott Peck an American Psychiatrist and writer. "Love is an action, and activity. It is not a feeling."
How are you showing love?

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