Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the road

or in the air. Vacation time is here. After a long plane ride we finally arrived to the cold air of LA. I7 keeps asking me, why is it sooo cold here. I & I chatted someones ear off for the whole plane ride. The nice lady did get a bit of a break while she covered up and tried to sleep...or was she trying to get away from the endless chatter?? Whatever it was she was a good sport and seemed not to mind, although hmm, I think she did walk rather fast off of the plane!
J & L both had a nap on the plane, although not long enough for me;) After a few hours the thrill of the plane soon wore off and J was ready to get to California. (Which btw it is so cute to hear him say CA in his little 3yr old voice, he just draws it out so) When are we going to be there? Can't we just land now? L was happy as long as he was eating, as they no longer feed you on planes anymore he had lots of raisins and granola bars as that is what I had brought.
First thoughts of being on the mainland's cold(well most of us agree this is a fact, I thought CA was suppose to be sun and beaches and beach boy songs). We see billboards again, although most of them didn't have lights-so you couldn't really read them. The signage in the city must be different then we are use to because we kept missing the signs we needed last night-although on the plus side we didn't have traffic to deal with!
We went to play at the science center today...will share more of our fun their with pictures later.
Right now I'm enjoying the awwwwwww sound of silence. James took the big kids out for some fun and the little ones are resting so they will be up and ready to go for a fun filled adventure tomorrow. You might see us if you see a group of people tied together. It was a little crazy today with everyone getting caught up in their own thing and forgetting to stay together. I think it may be a good plan to leash ourselves together:)

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