Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

We made some web dip for supper tonight. It was a big hit, especially with the little one. He much preferred it over the pumpkin pasta. He doesn't seem to be much of a pasta eater, also tends to throw the food he doesn't want to eat. He will give you a bit of a warning first but if you don't get it fast enough.......down with the food!

We had some nice pumpkin decorations tonight. The kids went to a pumpkin patch today. J painted his and the other 2 drew on theirs(they also got 2 each) They will come in handy as we are doing a Thanksgiving study this week and need some pumpkins for experiments.

Isn't this a great spooky photo of L? Red eyes,the strange glow and of course the food, he must have thought that was paint! Hmm, I know where he got that idea from.... I & I had made masks and when daddy got home they quickly put them on. J didn't have a mask so he put some pumpkin(from the pasta) on his face and said he was a pumpkin monster!

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